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Argyle, July 2019 - 2

    Rio Tinto Copper and Diamonds chief executive Arnaud Soirat said typically pink diamonds of the best quality such as Argyle's would fetch several million dollars per carat and the commodity, while notoriously hard to pin down on price, had fared better than the stock market.


    ―Rio Tinto Copper and Diamonds社のCEOであるArnaud Soirat氏は言う、『Argyleもの最高品質のピンクダイヤは、価格を決めるのは非常に難しいが、1カラットあたり数百万ドル稼ぐ。これは株式市場より悪くない。』


    "If you look at the evolution of the price over the past 20 years the price has increased by 500 per cent.




    "Every year the price increases by a double digit number, if you compare that to the stock market that's significantly higher."




    Anna Cisecki is the executive director at diamond investment firm Australian Diamond Portfolio and said coloured diamonds were the ultimate needles in the haystack yielding long-term returns in excess of 10 per cent per annum.


    ―ダイヤモンド投資会社の専務取締役であるAnna Ciseckiは、カラーダイヤモンドは、長期にわたって年率10%の収益を上げた“大きな干し草の中の究極の針”であると言った。


    "As the haystack shuts down, so too will the supply of new rare coloured diamonds to the market; specifically the pink, red, and violet diamonds," she said.


    ―『大きな干し草の山が閉じられることになり、希少なカラーダイヤの新たな供給も閉じられることになる。Pink, Red, Violetは特に。』


    "The implications for investment are significant.”

    "Our expectation is that the closure of the Argyle Mine will add upside pressure to the prices of existing rare pink diamonds.




    "Nowhere else in the world can you find pink diamonds with such character, depth of colour, and vibrance of tone as those from the Argyle mine.




    "Even if a significant new mine were to be discovered in the near future, it would still take a minimum 10 to 15 years from the discovery phase to reach the commercial stage of selling diamonds to consumers."




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